Greetings from me, Rev. Cole. If you're reading this, hopefully that means that you're interested in what's happening at our church. I hope so! Selkirk United is such an active and thriving church and we're always ready to welcome someone new into our midst.

I have been in ministry here at S.U.C. since June 2017, so I've been through the seasons of the church calendar twice now with this community of faith. And although there is certainly an ebb and flow to the church year, our church seems to be a busy place nearly every day of the year. That's one of the things that gives this place life. It also creates and atmosphere of welcome and inclusivity as we see, not just our own church members come through our doors, but also so many other people from the wider community who congregate here for various events, dinners, meetings, and other activities. We have great relationships with all those who rent or use our space, and we're thankful that so many find our church to be a safe and inviting place to be.

On Sunday mornings our church family gathers as an inclusive, affirming and welcoming community of faith, with all ages represented. We have regular Sunday School and Youth classes, Adult Choir and Junior Choir. We try our best to ensure that we share God's message in ways that are accessible and life-giving to everyone.

This past year, we began something new, called "Sac-Religion" Gatherings, over the lunch hour. As the name suggests, people are invited to bring their "sac" lunch and we discuss a wide range of topics, both religious and otherwise, trying to ensure that every voice is heard and all points of view are respected. It's a place for doubts and challenges to be shared in a safe space, but it also has turned into a social time where friends gather for conversation, food, and laughter.

Laughter probably need to be a paragraph all on its own. You'll almost always hear laughter when you enter through our doors, whether it be on a Sunday morning or on a weekday. We have a fun-loving group of people at Selkirk United, which has suited my personality perfectly. I believe that God made us to laugh and celebrate, to seek out the joy in life and to have fun with one another.

Of course there is also the serious side of life, and we also know when it's time for compassion-- when someone is facing a time of grief or needs some pastoral care. Ministry is often finding the right balance and trying to meet people where they are, but always trying to show each other the love of God and finding ways to lift each other up. Since my first day here it has felt like a great fit as we have worshiped and worked and laughed (and sometimes cried) together -- a mixture of blessings and challenges, always trying our best to follow Jesus as we walk together the path that God sets before us.




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