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We have embarked on a faith filled journey dedicated to living out the mission statement as we live and celebrate our faith in the world today.  In June of 2015, we became an affirming ministry in the United Church of Canada, committed to welcoming the GLBTTQ community.  Selkirk United also recognizes and acknowledges a deep gratitude for the opportunity to worship on Treaty One Land within the homeland of the Metis Nation.


If you are looking for a healthy congregation with a strong and active faith in God – Selkirk United might just be the place for you!  We work hard at providing a relaxed atmosphere where people of all ages are welcome to worship together.  We get it – it is hard to walk into a place where everyone seems to know everyone else – however if you have made it this far in this encouraging blurb – you are well on your way to checking us out!


At Selkirk United, there is no dress code, on your first visit you won’t be asked to join a committee…and some of us have been known to bring our to-go cups along with us for worship.


If there are children in your household, we have an optional, innovative children’s program that also happens on a Sunday morning and teens will find a welcome home here as well.  Each week following worship, there is an informal gathering in the fellowship hall where we enjoy hanging out, making new friends and of course, we certainly enjoy the food!


At Selkirk United, we are committed to taking the bible seriously, not literally.  There are book studies and bible studies, choirs of all ages and of course there are lots of opportunities to participate in any or all of the activities we offer.  We are a congregation committed to learning how (or if) the bible stories make sense for us today. 


If you have any questions, call or email and we would be more than happy to make that first connection.  Phone: 204-482-5914  or email

Check out the national United Church website to learn more about who we are and what we believe.

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